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We’ve asked dozens of experts—gay and straight, married and single—to give their tips for having a positive and successful dating experience. If you have your own tips, use the comments section below to share them.

The Single Guy

I’m a committed atheist. I believe that we have an inherent value and capability—by applying ourselves, we’re able to do pretty much anything—but that we require a healthy, complete, and well-rounded lifestyle in order to reach our full potential.

It’s not that I’m not emotionally capable of falling in love, it’s that I’m too busy developing myself to do it. I’m probably too busy being the geek I am to care that much about choosing a partner.

I’m not against the idea of dating. There are plenty of people out there that are looking for love. However, I believe that only you know what you are looking for in a person. If you’re too busy being yourself, you won’t learn who that person is.

My advice is to go out and have fun. Don’t look so hard at some potential partner that you ignore the people that are already in your life. I also suggest having friends. A solid support system is crucial in staying healthy.

This may sound a little heartless, but if you’re looking for someone, it’s you who needs to date. You need to get out and meet people. Most people today, are too busy seeking love. So take the time to search for it, and it will come to you.

The Gay Man

I think the key to positive interaction is being an observer and not a participant. As a gay man, there are several scenarios that I would anticipate:

• A woman I am dancing with, is hot. She is wearing a low cut top which is only augmenting her chest. The next dance with her, I am dancing close by, holding her hand and I am certain that she is turned on by the gesture. Once we are finished dancing, she goes to leave the club with me, and I say “are you going to grab a cab or walk home?” She doesn’t respond, and I say that if she doesn’t answer within a minute, I will walk her home. She still doesn’t answer me, so I do what any http://www.kayuda.com/articles/best-hookup-search-online-meet-hot-girls-for-casual-sex
Are you a woman who likes to be in charge? Want to meet new people? Want to have sex? Find it easy to meet guys, but not so easy to meet women who will be up for what you want? Did you know that there are lots of guys who want to date you, and lots of women who would want to have sex with you, but you don’t know it yet? Here’s how to kick things off:

How To Find People Who Want To Have Sex With You

My friend Roby Ray first taught me this. We’d been out for a few weeks, and he told me he was used to meeting girls who weren’t ready to go out or even have a drink with him. He said he would say “hi” or “no thanks” and that it would be easy. He tried it with me and it was pretty easy. It didn’t take much effort and I didn’t have to think hard about it at all. It turned out my friend was right. I’ve found a lot of the guys I’m interested in are so used to not getting what they want that they don’t think twice about what they want.

He told me I’d have to keep up the effort until I found a guy who wasn’t looking to take advantage of me. That made me curious about the guys I’d been talking to. I started picking at random guys in bars and asked them what they wanted. I kept at it, and the more often I asked, the more the guys would start talking about what they wanted instead of shooting me down. Some even admitted they wanted to try things they’d never imagined doing. Now, I’m still cautious when meeting new people, but I’ve found it’s easier than I thought.

If your guy friends aren’t talking about their fantasy girls, ask them what they want. They probably aren’t telling you because they don’t know. I talk to them about it more than once a day at least. I tell them I want to hear what they’re into, and about half of them listen to me. They actually want to hear what I have to say.

Not all guys care, though. Some of them treat me like a sex object when I ask them about their fantasies. I’ve asked a few guys right away and even a few who had just had sex with me. They had the same reaction. Some of them were grateful to know they weren’t the only guys interested. Some of them were shocked and some


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