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We asked our awesome Sex and the City executive producer, and The New York Times best-selling author of, to offer relationship advice with the following rules for modern dating:

Dr. Pepper is a safe bet. It’s cold, it’s sweet, it’s refreshing, and more importantly, it’s cheap. If you are wondering about that last part, well, it means you are saving money, and honestly, if you are in the market for a relationship, you might not want to have to pay too much for it.

Turn off your phone. When you’re with a new guy, keep your phone on silent—or at least in your coat pocket, or, if you happen to be a guy who hangs with his phone in his pocket, in your boxer shorts. The last thing you want to do is to have the whole night of your first date interrupted with a text from someone who is hoping to set the mood, or who wants to nag you into a second date.

Eliminate alcohol from your diet. You wouldn’t send out a cheesecake to a friend at a party if you didn’t want to have her in bed with you that night, and you certainly won’t want to send out a man you are interested in having sex with. So, the same holds true for dating: If you are having a drink, you will want to keep that with the food and not with the drinks to which you’ll be adding vodka.

Perfect yourself. If you have to perfect your online dating profile, you can be sure you are talking to the right person. Don’t let anyone fill out a dating profile for you. If you have taken the time to write one, you know how to craft a narrative of yourself that feels authentic and shows who you really are. You want to be with someone who will love you for who you are, not some online persona.

Get up off that couch. If you are at a party or in a bar, you should expect to see the dude from high school who always wanted to bone you. Look him in the eye, tell him that you are looking for a relationship, and steer him toward the coldest beer. If he comes after you, then you ask his number. If he is too drunk to give it to you, then leave him alone. Just because you are at a party doesn’t mean you have the right to walk away from that person—and to have that person walk all over you with the power of a
You don’t need a perfect body, a fantastic personality, or an extensive collection of memes. You just need a guide to make sure you start the entire process off on the right foot. Here it is, in 15 categories:

1) Be nice to everyone you meet.

This is a basic requirement of every-day life. We’re all nice people, in fact, but dating is when we have to tell our truest selves to step forward and shine. When someone asks you out, whether they’re talking to you online or in person, be nice to them. Don’t ask them to move to the beat of a different drummer. Don’t invite them to parties that you aren’t planning to attend. Don’t ask them if they’re down with you telling them how you feel about them. Don’t do anything that will make them self-conscious about themselves, or make them feel like they’re doing or saying something wrong. If you’re being a jerk or putting down other people—if you do it in person, or even text—it’s not going to matter if you’re a 10 in bed or you’re five pounds over your target weight. It’ll be front and center in people’s minds, and anyone you date will be reminded of it every time they date you.

2) Always try to be a little nicer than everyone else.

Before you go in for the kill, make sure you’re always polite, cordial, and considerate. No one cares what you think, no matter how good you think you are. People are going to think you’re cute or funny or thoughtful or adorable. Whatever they like or don’t like about you, they’ll remember you being nice. When dating, you’re always leading with your best foot forward. If you’re self-aware enough to pick up on when someone is trying to be rude or ignorant, take the high road and let it pass. Maybe you’ll learn something from them.

3) Look nice.

Whether you’re getting ready for a date or just going out to the store, it’s not enough to look nice. Make sure you put a little effort into your appearance, and that you don’t mess it up with a bad haircut or bad clothes. Look clean and put together. Wear a clean-ish shirt, no matter how nice it is. A certain amount of charm and good grooming goes a long way.

4) Take a breath and give yourself some time.


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