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Since its introduction, AutoCAD Product Key has been at the forefront of the CAD industry and the founding product of the Autodesk company. A highly regarded graphics software application, AutoCAD’s graphical user interface (GUI) and features were ahead of the industry at the time of its first release.


Autodesk started as a company in the 1960s that produced products for the aircraft industry. In the 1970s, its customers included Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas and Rolls Royce. The first CAD program, Autodesk Softimage, was developed by a small team in the mid-1970s, before Autodesk’s founding in 1982.

Autodesk has been a leading provider of CAD software since the first release of AutoCAD. AutoCAD’s version 1, released in December 1982, was one of the first desktop CAD applications for personal computer use. It marked a turning point in the history of CAD. Until this time, CAD was primarily focused on the use of minicomputers or mainframe computers for large projects. The use of desktop computers, rather than minicomputers or mainframe computers, enabled individual CAD operators to work in the same environment as other office workers, and the graphical nature of CAD enabled them to visualize complex drawings intuitively. AutoCAD’s graphical user interface (GUI) made it easier for CAD operators to communicate with and be directed by other team members and supervisors.

In the early 1980s, a transition occurred in the CAD industry from drafting programs that only draw geometrical shapes, to those that also generate other types of data. A few CAD programs of the time included data-entry functions for entering data such as specifications of shapes or dimensions. However, generating these types of data from a drawing had to be done by hand, and so only a handful of CAD programs were available that could do it.

AutoCAD was the first CAD program to allow users to generate data from within the drawing. It was also the first CAD program to use parametric modeling. This capability allowed users to enter values for dimensions and then automatically generate more data for any objects within a drawing that followed the same shape, size or location rules.

AutoCAD v2, released in 1986, introduced an object-oriented programming (OOP) programming language known as Graphic User Interface (GUI) that made it possible to build functions for specific tasks, such as inserting data or navigating the drawing. AutoCAD became the first CAD

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Platform and operating system
Windows (2005+)
Apple Macintosh OS X (Mac OS X v10.4.5 and newer)

Legacy programming
The following language features are part of the legacy programming language set, which was supplanted by Python in AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack 2007:
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Microsoft Visual Basic

See also
Computer-aided design
Graphical user interface
List of CAD Software


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Numpy default filling with zero

I am trying to implement the following function in Python:
df.ix[df.index.isin(list(df.index[:N])),:] = 0

I tried the following code in Python:
df.ix[np.isin(df.index, list(df.index[:N])),:] = 0

But this code raises ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
Can anyone help me with that?


You can use iloc instead:
import numpy as np

df.iloc[np.isin(df.index, list(df.index[:N])),:] = 0

Note that iloc is a bit faster than ix, but less intuitive.


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J. van Ekeren, F. Métivier, and G. Weis, *Sofic topological groups and some applications*, J. Math. Soc. Japan **60** (2008), no. 4, 1129–1150.

A. M. Fabian, V. I. Luchko, and G. M. Reeder, *Weighted inequalities for [M]{}arcinkiewicz sums*, J. Approx. Theory **63** (1990), no. 1, 40–60.

, *On weighted approximation by polynom

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Work with your existing drawings and designs to reuse them. Use the Markup Assist tool to enhance existing drawings and designs by easily adding, modifying, or deleting content. (video: 1:05 min.)

Manage drawings and markups on the fly. With a new drawing tab, a new drawing view, and a new canvas workspace, you can easily share and collaborate on your most important designs at the speed of thought. (video: 1:05 min.)

Improved Search:

Quickly navigate your drawings with improved searching for new features like tools and 3D models. When you search for an object, AutoCAD will automatically offer more than 50 suggested results to help you find what you need. And new intelligent camera or ArcGIS Pro results help you find entities in AutoCAD that you might not expect. (video: 1:25 min.)

Aspiring designers:

Get hands-on training to unlock and leverage your design potential. AutoCAD 2023 includes lessons to teach you the basics, help you explore advanced features, and learn to customize tools.

A major feature update is coming in AutoCAD to deliver a new user experience and new ways to work. This release has been designed to give you a clean, modern interface that helps you quickly find what you need and apply feedback to your designs.

With the next release of AutoCAD, you’ll have access to new ways to work with drawings, explore AutoCAD features, and get feedback on your designs. Many new features and capabilities are being added to AutoCAD 2023 to help you take your design and analysis to the next level. Learn how you can use them to streamline your design process and unlock your full design potential.

With over 30 years of experience with AutoCAD, Alejandro Nieto of Xyza Software has been helping designers with their complex designs for over 15 years. In that time, he has helped guide more than 20,000 customers and conducted webinars for hundreds of thousands of AutoCAD users. His experience with AutoCAD and Microsoft’s leadership in design has led to many useful products, including the KDW of the Week and his AutoCAD Tips and Tricks for Windows Servers course, his AutoCAD Tips and Tricks for Students course, and the AutoCAD Tips and Tricks of the Week.

Alejandro is also the Author of the free AutoCAD Tips and Tricks for Students chapter in

System Requirements:

Approx. 2 GB of RAM Required (recommended)
Storage Requirements:
600 MB of available space on your device.
PC/PS3 Systems:
PC/PS3: Download this version.
Supported OS: Windows 10
Gamepad Controls:
WASD – Move
Z – Toggle Health / Change Weapons
X – Toggle Weapon Selection
A – Toggle Weapon Selection
C – Switch to Grenade Launcher
K – Switch to Laser Scope
S – Toggle Pause

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