Buddy ! Don’t waste

Hey buddy ! 

Don’t waste your time on irrelevant stuffs
Spent your time on family, friends and passion without bluffs 

Don’t waste foods as it still can be eaten
Share those foods with hungry man, dogs or kitten

Don’t waste water you fools , as it is in limited edition
Save every drops even if you are poor or in merited position

Don’t waste your life with wrong dumb kind of miniatures
Taste your life with descent,loveable and soulful creatures

Don’t waste your lecture on stupid fellows 
Save your words for those who definitely follows 

Don’t waste your willpower for dominant leaders
Create will and energy to succumb and poor feeders 

Don’t waste your smile and emotions on bogus creatures
Give smile to those lovely deserving features

Don’t waste your happiness , as it is very special for sure
Do meaningful work timely which give happiness without getting lure

Don’t waste your hobbies just in case , as it always defines you
Be always realistic and passionate for your hobbies , as it refines you

Don’t waste your money to get into limelight and prove yourself great
Donate your life and money to those who are in need and life under threat

Don’t waste your rules for this everyday changing world
Just stick to rules based pitch even if you get wrongly bowled

Don’t waste your day and night with liquor’s,drugs and pills
Keep your day busy doing hard work that make lethargy kills 

Don’t waste your child’s life by not sharing these valuable word
Always follow the theme “Save your child , Save your world”.

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