Listen – Its My Birthday

It’s my Birthday
I almost forgot that today’s my birthday
At midnight some things start happening
The Clock was dwelling 12 keeping eyes blinking
A Candle was spreading lights in the dark
Some known creatures are standing aside with teeth like a shark
Suddenly I blew up the candle
I See some breeze of colour shades are started flying
Look blessings come inside and bad omens are dying

Today Happiness are not just the word in single
Let’s call those whose souls really want to mingle
Let’s take a call of those who really care for you
Let’s accept bless of those who do prayers for you
Let’s give thanks to all for their love and greatness
Let’s enjoy the day and do some madness

I heard many good moments are smiling on me
Times are just doing stop, pause and dialling on me
Days will now turn into better and best
God also mark presence and comes for the fest

In Childhood days , I was always fear of going height
But my mom blessing makes me fearless and made me kite
This kite is now flying high and sings
Thanks god for giving me wings

Well friends , today we are going to do lot of playing & tossing in Jalsa
Offering juice , ice-cream ,chocolate and cup Cake with icing and some salsa

Also Want to spend time with those who are poor and unable to celebrate
Distribute cheerful moments & gifts to those who are really not great

Let’s begin the day with new enchantments
Let’s begin the day with new excitements
Let’s begin the day with new voice
Let’s begin the day with new joys
Let’s begin the day with god bless shower
Let’s begin the days with smell of flower
Let’s begin the day with shine on face
Let’s end the day with birthday bash

Thanks for another year of being an awesome family and friends
Years are just passing like old clothes which are not in trends

So , No fear of losing one more year pass
Lot of things planned for coming days in mass

7 thoughts on “Listen – Its My Birthday

  1. Wish you a many many happy returns of the day jiju …… Stay blessed stay healthy keep smiling always may ur all the dreams come true .. A beautiful poem written by my jiju proud to have you .

  2. Wish you many many happy returns of the day jija ji……be happy ,be healthy … enjoy the day

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