Women always inside fire

A girl is going to born somewhere in this dangerous world
Everyone keep quiet , no body say any single word
If she not died inside womb , but still situation worse
God bless her another life with having full of curse
A mother is going to end another future mother’s life
Who will marry with your boy or who will becomes his wife?

Just think about her-
The path of paradise begins from hell
A new life is now comes out from shell
She will be accompanied with
Beautiful eyes , with so many shy’s
Modest figure , with tons of liquor
Gorgeous look , anyone get shook
Confident voice , want to listen twice
Lovely pure heart , with no dust and dirt
Stunning walk , makes everyone shock
Complete blessing, while she smiling

From the very early age , she’s compared with his brother
It’s not Rare as it is done by her father and mother
She always feels lot of hesitation
Sometimes Comparison eats her education
On grown up age , she was judged by no judge peoples
The coming life is filled with many creeps and lot of ripples
Many times , she was abducted by golden brutal ritual
Only she will follow these rules strictly which is very trivial

We Keep telling her to follow ours old and poor customs , as we made
Saying its the only nostrums to fill your life full of shade

She always thinking about her husband who will be noble or sage
Without asking her , she got married in young age
She feels very pity on her destiny
Questions still un-answered many
What is wrong with my self ?
Why every time we have to prove our self?

One day , one rule and trust got broken
Drunken Husband crosses limits and give bruise as token
Emotionally burdened and seeing no way out
She reached for kerosene and set herself on fire , no doubt
She will survive as she is very strong no more
But If she died ,who will protest and who will show its inside shore
What we called about this trauma she going through was ?
It’s called domestic violence , understand Mr. Husband boss
Why would a woman set herself a blaze?

No body wants to know, no body has even craze
A beautiful lady now converted into victim or survivor
Either she would become a fighter or become diver
We must accept this Horrid truth as we made her fate
Communities found indulged in such crimes with zero hate
Society Keeping our mouth tight like always
It seems that whole world is looking like old furnace
So just break your silence , as she face lot of offence

There are more violence in cue She faced as –
She faced dowry , She faced Slavery
She faced hit , She faced shit
She faced words like hot , She faced acid shot
She faced comments on good shape , She faced a brutal rape.

Everyone likes her presence and impose to kept her on dependence
God knows when she will get independence ?
Who will stop this nuisance as it is always happening again and again?
Who will help her to succeed and who will take them out from pain?
Torture and getting beaten is the only way of showing them gratitude
Spending life with stupid unknowns and peoples with wrong attitude

A time now comes for sun to change the direction
A time now comes for everyone to make this correction
A time now comes there should some stringent law
A time now comes to do something for her and getting her glow
A time now comes to treat everyone as human
A time now comes to first worship your woman

Let’s finish all violence games standing in cue
Before god comes to say “Human Shames on you”

3 thoughts on “Women always inside fire

  1. शब्दो की मार्मिकता देख कर लगता है आपने इसे दिल से लिखी है बहुत भावुक हो कर ।
    शानदार , तारीफेकाबिल ।
    बदलाव हमे ही ले कर आना है ।

  2. Nicely wrote… No body can write these topics in the poem mode… Well written… Complete Poem

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