Pray for happiness -Amen!!

I was thinking what will change this year
Let’s make it very clear

My heart always feeling inside shore
This year I won’t make myself bore

Will create the new wisdom of life
This year I will spare time for kids & wife

So many shades I plan to fill 
This year so many dreams I have to will

Must delete word like no and never
This year I will fill green in life for ever

I must promise to self in wise
This year I follow “live life king size”…

Shatter the door of failure and sad
Must come up with all good chance that I had    

I won’t give up , 
That mind i will make up

Now I should not say “ Nope “
Because there is always a ray of hope..

Now I will dare to prove myself right
I will speak from mouth which is always very tight

Lot of Plan I have promised to self
May god bless me and give good health

Let’s do some walk to remember
With infinite steps and counts no number 

Surely , I will be happy in many ways
Surely , I will be happy in coming days.


4 thoughts on “Pray for happiness -Amen!!

  1. Surely god will listen through these words .. These words are looking like , its coming direct from your heart… Well done… Fresh lines…

  2. I wish you the best of luck to face every problem and happiness to enjoy your wonderful life with your family n friends..

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