We are living in the phase of third World War i.e Corona war which was not based on fighting by weapons , but by a developed cruel virus which can control every inch of breath by replacing it with infection. We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another. Hugs & kisses suddenly become weapons, and not visiting to parents & friends becomes an act of love.

Suddenly you realise that power, beauty & money are worthless, and can’t get you the oxygen you’re fighting for.The world continues its life and it is still beautiful. It only puts humans in cages. It’s sending us a message:

“You lost your importance. The air, earth, water and sky without you are now fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests. Not my masters.”

We must say sorry to nature for their loss due to human made creations . It’s now the nature’s turn which wants to press the reset button , if any. Don’t testify it again.Next time humans will be swallowed by time without giving second chance to them.

In these tough times , when big powers comes on ground , need friends to overcome this global crisis across. A friend in need is a friend indeed . Such gratefulness some one seeks always around due to presence of peoples like good friends , family member , teachers , mentors , well-wishers and god fathers likely.

Especially during pandemic war (Corona) , every country feels this as extraordinary times which require even closer cooperation between friends. Today every country facing towards India . Just like Lord Hanuman who is always around Lord Rama brought the holy medicine from the Himalayas to save the life of Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana .India is also playing the part of Hanumana . Everyone is asking for getting aid for HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) from India to treat Covid patients and we also providing all the assistance to save as many lives across world as possible while safeguarding its own interests .

We have to be grateful to nature for this life under which lots of facilities like lots of life driving modes (food, water, air,etc) , lots of expressions , lots of enjoyment , lots of surprises , lots of achievements , lots of care , lots of love , lot of understanding are under one roof. This nature taught an important lesson to utilise less and give more and we are always grateful to this. And if the balance becomes unequal , the phase change occurs. So do anything but there should be some limits. Desires should not be like sky i.e limitless .

One must understand what we lose due to this corona , if it actually happens to us.

This Corona :-

Can’t go from god worship , but by mutual hardship

Can’t go from powers, but by helping showers

Can’t go from money , but by living lively or homely

Can’t go from ego , but by telling “we don’t go”

Can’t go from weapons , but by unsung champions

Can’t go from addition, but by medicine

Can’t go from seeing death trends, but by good friends

No one can resolve this issue 100%..Only our relentless continuous humanity work with grace can change the scenario without seeking self interest or profits. It is wonderful time to see many countries working together for the sake of humanity.

No matter , But I believe India’s real potential or Sanjeevani for the world lies with Yoga, ayurveda & principles of Sattvic vegetarian lifestyle in harmony . We Indians are full of simplicity , lives in peace , never crossing our boundaries , limits already setted . Every one must follow these for becoming grateful.

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