Almighty – Are you really with us ???

We all know that God is the one who creates everything perfect to make this world beautiful. He always thinks equally and shares equally. He creates earth for life to grow with all necessities filled with nature & its eternal beauty , Days & Nights , Flora & fauna , foods & shelter etc. His utmost creation was human beings who was developed for purpose to provide all support to drive the life cycle without disturbing the nature . Above all , he given terrific mind to them for better thinking with sincerity for satisfy their requirement and discover new things for all well being .

Now these days , we all are driven with power and profits . Our minds are actually driving the destroyable decisions in the name of development which is savaging the nature with faster rate making vulnerable situation for all the species who need their land and their space which was sacked and utilised by us. The level of human greediness is now lying at its utmost level.

According to me , He who wants everything every time , He will lose everything anytime.. That’s the same thing we human beings are doing continuously . We becomes selective & irrational for other godly made creatures. We declined the gods will. We become so much matured and more greedy ever who live for its own personal purpose and sustenance.

Our destruction of biodiversity and relative ecosystem services has crossed that levels which now threaten our well-being at least as much as we can create human-induced change “ . Now who is ready for these changes except some of the influential or dreamiest people . I think no one , not whole mankind. Then why the suffering caused to only those who really wants simple life as simple as god has given and planned for us.

World is carrying lot of stories in their basket . Getting into histories , we can understood fact that during 1st world war , US was very poor and was not in the situation to take part. Many countries lost their health and wealth at the end of the war. US grasp the situation ,taken advantage and started their economy boosting steps called foreign investment and become lately a world powerful country which is continue till date . But what the Chinese did in 2020 was more than psychic decision by creating Covid Corona virus. The whole world is facing that scenario which was created by an arrogant county willingly trying to become world power at the sake of so many deaths .They are creating situations so that present world power should be at their doorstep. This proven as coward step from China for creation of fear. They want to do business on fear. Well what a strategy!!!

We created deadly bombs and harmful weapons ( Which was almost enough) just in the name of security and to make our peoples and border secured. Now if we think about two things only which matters :- One is us and other who creates us i.e god(undoubtedly) . If god(Nature) carries huge power, then he is able to destroy us anytime. Then what means for more destroyable than ever ? Are we proving that we are the most deadliest humans of this ages who can give challenge to god? We have proven that God has given its deadliest and destructive weapon to us i.e mind which will now becomes god’s tool to destroy us. What is the requirement of biological weapon , if we are already secured ? Why we want to get destroy by itself? A man now becomes more dangerous than god which we feels today. No one knows how god will finish this whole world. But we people decided , how we will get vanish from this whole world before god chance comes. This shows that we are now diverted .

After all , We all are like temporary apples hanging on trees meaninglessly who can fall anytime .No medical issues , no time for curation, just arriving hospital for satisfying “hang till death” condition”…Wow what a death…Almighty is now busy in blowing the cruel hunter on us which was prepared by us . No intimation , no second life line , just tossing the game to death zone..

Start thinking about our sins what we made so far before it’s too late.. Ask from yourself and speak from wisdom .. Let’s show strength and start face the world in new way and devote your self in the path of god i.e start helping , give donations and do charity as much as you can.

Last words are – Nothing in life is to be feared , it is only to be understood.

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