Corona – A Plotted danger or disease !!

Today world is facing corona
No one comes to fight like Drona

Still no one know how discovered and why did
UN and WHO calling it Covid

It not evolves by eating animals fat
This disease actually comes from eating mammal Bat …

Eating bat was so much delicious
It polluted the world so fast and make malicious

This Virus is very cruel and deadly
Looking like it’s not even friendly

The whole world becomes so serious
Because disease was hell mysterious

Symptoms are showing new heights
Infections are tolling high days and nights

The first inspect is how much body is warm ..
If found high (105-106 deg f), then it will suspect as corona harm

One who found infectious , they were quarantined alone
Till infections gets over , no one is allowed to gone..

Finally, It makes pharynx and lungs chock
The deaths are happening around the world and round the clock

China was the first country show hands on this pandemic
Sooner, they controlled and stopped the epidemic..

If China discovered medicine and all getting cured with care
Then why they are hiding the ways and why not they share.

Motives are clear as it was totally strategic plan
Becoming world power , improvise economy and earning money after getting ban
( US trade war with China )

Truth of China future is looking more deadly
They will face huge loss and their economy hits badly

Every country now busy in finding ways to stop this death sink
God is also looking without doing eyes blink

Virus is travelling by Air, Skin everyday
Giving man to man infection , damn stop ! who will pray ?
Public distancing ,sanitizing hands and wearing face mask was the only way ..

Government made border sealed , road empty and closed all the town
This situation we called as “Lockdown”.

All Transport Movements are now closed
Commodity and medicines prices are hiking and are unnecessary dosed..

Modi urging the public to give cooperation
Don’t come out of your home it’s only requisition

Don’t go on roads as you are not foolish
If found guilty, will get beaten by the police

Many lives are forced to live inside home like baby in wombs
After all we are responsible to spread infection as we are alive biological bombs

Economy , Confidence and Hopes are now hopeless
No one face this situation as help and pray is only required countless

Panics are many , Shouts are none
Corona enters anyone’s life just in fun

Doctors are working commendably & relentlessly
They are implementing their taught ethics fully
Giving its utmost services tirelessly

We all are victims of this disaster age
Still we have to face anytime a new stage (I , II , III , IV )

Its the time to re-unite as situation is tight
We have to survive and we have to fight

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