“Poem – What we suppose to do ??? “

We are just in a rabbit hole
No one knows where is the lol ..

A day without even smile
Keeping our breath stops for a while

What we want to showcase
No one wants our problem to face

Special kids roams with feather in Caps
Boss taking updates in apps

No balancing plan for team mates
Living for self & some and others for hates

Appraisals are just flying clouds
Long time no rain on those crowds

Our works was eaten by big shark
Presented as its self done and keeps our life in dark

No leaves , No increment , living calmly
After a year , how to face family

A long years ahead for self to be proven
But no one wants us to be get chosen

We have enough mind of creation
But bad peoples keeps us in starvation

Stop such lies to be around you
Stop eating those good People’s damn you

Swish and splash are not their fate
Their good time begins , just wait

Don’t Scratch their butts anymore
They now become missile ,listen Mr whore

Life is too short to play a game
I made good plan as I am not a lame

Likes and dislikes are just spikes of mind
Love and affection are use for heart to bind

Money is just a flaw in light
We are free Minds knowing how to reach height..

Thanks but no thanks , I will shines
Nothing wrong in all these lines…

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