A WOLF PACK – Leaders real Initiative

Have you ever seen a pack of wolves riding on their way!!!!!

If you noticed carefully…The first 3 are the Old and sick, they walk in front to set the pace of the entire pack. The next 5 are the strongest and best, they are tasked to protect the front side if there is any attack. In the centre are the rest of the pack members, always protected from any attack. There are 5 also among the strongest are following , protecting the back side.

Last one is alone, the alpha. The Leader. He controls everything from the rear, ensures that no one is left behind. He is always ready to run in any direction to protect and serves as the ‘bodyguard’ to the entire group. Just in case anyone wanted to know what it really means to be a leader? It is not about being outfront. It means taking care of the team.

Hence, providing equal support and keeping same mind-set for team members and knowing about their best and positively sharing their career plan, Any falling member should be properly chased with extra support and converting their downfall into success. That’s the real work of leader and this attitude gives him more success.

Leader must understand the policy of “Tit for Tat”. If the members are performing for him, then it’s his duty to give encouragement and show faith as well. This makes team building in an effective manner. If leaders are really a team builder , they always cut self-progress and keep their team in front. If team will perform, then his performance comes. Leaders should choose & use goodwords and also share expectation as well, so that team members give their 100%. They must shows smile on their face, so that team always feels blessed and stress free. Leaders use to give possible as well as challenging deadlines to management as well as team. They must prove as back support to team, so that any risky situation can be handle without any harsh hesitation.

On the other hand , less experienced leaders who have no idea to deal with problems as well as solution, always looking at their self- success , creating even things for few feather capped peoples and odd for disliked people ,always showing team members as reason of failure , creating unbalance situation among team . These failures always put big set back in team performance.

No Way, Leaders are those successful peoples who always ready to take lot of profitable good steps, preparing good team and creating team for future as they are futurist , adaptable to any environment also, able to give good results too.

We are future leaders and we have to decide what we have to opt.

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