Draw the Winner and Rub the loser

I remember my school days when our small minds were developing by parents and traitors for so-called competitive world ,which was really an injustice for those ages under which new things / stuffs were started taking into shape inside mind. Those ruling parties never understand the definition of self-commitment , self-respect , self-drive , never fall down ,etc like behaviour pattern which was the real basis of self-confidence , under which his/her performance depends for future long ways.

A good person says that “ Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze “. If each Character in the play doesn’t resembles same , then how each child gives same result for which they are not designed. Every character has its own significance and filled with their own speciality. Knowing the speciality of child is also a part of viable parenting techniques. Imposition of our dreams on child makes the downfall of their dreams which they weave during their development stage. If the transmission of wrong signals of different frequency makes electrical circuit jammed . How had we think that the imposed dreams are correct for that child ?

When the child is born , nobody knows whether he/she is a winner or loser. The Kind of mental pressure under which they undergo and perform for long years defines winner and losers. If we stop the process of butterfly creation at the time of larva formation , no butterfly emerge and lot of colours in the surrounding will be vanish. Giving high pressure trauma to the child and always indulge in proving to thesocieties that our child are medallion guy , the real performance vanishes andit will be replaced with fear , hatred (from self) , poor confidence level ,non-performing behaviour.

Time has now come to understand our child and real passion inside. It will take some long time to know the real Interest , but flower will definitely show their petals. Let flowers to shower their smell all around. Lets start feel what is awakening inside child. Give them confidence to follow their heart path , to follow their dreams . Make up their mind for just go and achieve . Let’s Celebrate their small win either it is 3rd in the Race , either 10th in Class Ranking , either 60% in marks , etc. Just See their struggle for the tough times and tough subjects what they face .The days we start analysing these small things ,new sun will rise and Self-confidence equipped winner personality will take into shape and loser will be end.

My Quote:-

Parents can’t decode the child dreams . Dreams are free , let them to avail. What results will achieve , it will satisfy definitely.

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  1. Feeling a winner type from inside after reading this writeup.. Good to see such type of topics you are covering… Great work… Keep it up..

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